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I Have Always Wanted to Be a Writer

This article first appeared on SheWrites.com as part of its Behind the Book series. In 1962, when I was in first grade, kids learned to write. Kindergarten was a half-day, and there was no pre-K, just nursery school, which was all about playing. While we recited the alphabet endlessly in kindergarten, it wasn’t until first grade that … Read More

My Father’s Legacy

My father died on May 14th, or rather on this date 28 years ago. He was a month shy of 66, and I was two months shy of my 31st birthday. My son Peter, my firstborn and my dad’s first grandchild, was nine months old. I think of my dad a lot, but never more … Read More

Almost in the 21st Century!

While attending a graduate writing program back in 1982, I was one of the few students who knew the rudiments of word processing and could make use of the university’s computer lab. We were required to turn in “clean” manuscripts for our theses, and my fellow writers were tired of typing the same page over … Read More