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That’s Why They Call It “Moving”

One evening I lug a giant gray scrapbook into the kitchen. It is stuffed with memorabilia from everything we did with our then-young children for six years, from 1993-1999: results from family fun runs, theater bills, sporting events ticket stubs, birthday party invitations, favorite restaurant menus…. “You know, after you do this for a while, … Read More

If You Sit There, It Will Come

For a while now, I have been writing bits of scenes, dialogues, and plot ideas for a new novel on scraps of paper. The book’s basic premise was conceived almost two years ago, but the intervening time was devoted to rewriting, finalizing, and preparing for the release of Just the Facts, my novel recently published … Read More

Inspiration and Invention

This article first appeared on as part of its Behind the Book series. The inspiration for my new novel, Just the Facts, came to me at a friend’s 50th birthday party while I was hanging out by a Cosmo punch bowl. I was regaling a woman I’d just met with tales of my exploits as a rookie reporter … Read More

Writing on the Run

The protagonist in my first novel, Monkeys on the Bed, is a cartoonist who can only create in mall food courts. In Just the Facts, my forthcoming novel, the main character, a newspaper reporter, loves to write up her notes at her favorite Dunkin’ Donuts store. In all honesty, my books are only loosely autobiographical; … Read More

Birthday Blossoms

On time Several occasions during the year prompt us to reflect, to take stock of our life’s progress, habits, occupations, and relationships, and commit anew to what really matters. Holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year’s invite us to appreciate what we have, and identify room for personal improvement. The key, somber holidays in Judaism and … Read More